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(2018). Ndn construction for big science: Lessons learned from establishing a testbed. To appear in IEEE Network.

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Named Data Networking


A framework for scientific data management

NDN-Science Testbed

High-speed testbed for supporting NDN and Large Data


I helped teaching the following courses, either as a teaching assistant or a guest lecturer.

Year Course Number Course
2018 CS557 Advanced Networking
2017 CS557 Advanced Networking
2017 CS457 Computer Networks
2016 CS457 Computer Networks
2016 CS557 Advanced Networking
2014 CS557 Advanced Networking
2013 CS457 Computer Networks
2013 CS370 Operating Systems
2013 CS370 Operating Systems
2012 CS470DL Computer Architecture
2012 CT320 Network and System Administration
2012 Assignments for Graduate Students Using Named Data Networking over GENI
2011 CS451 Operating Systems
2011 CS451DL Operating Systems
2010 CS155/156/157 Introduction to Unix and C Programming


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